Drawing and painting at the Massana School.

Industrial design at the Massana School in Barcelona.


2 Sculpture Prize at the “X Joan Bosch Baldu Fine Arts Prize” BCM Gallery, March 2015

Honorable mention for the sculpture “Equilibrio de tetraedros”, IX edition of the Juan Bosch Boldú Fine Arts Prize (BCM Art Gallery), January 2013.

Diploma in recognition of artistic merit, Accademia internazionale “Greci-Marino” -Accademia del Verbano di lettere, arti, scienze (Italy), XIII Winter Salon 2012, ESART gallery in Barcelona. In the same room, medal for the painting “Rosa” and glass for the sculpture “Red in the space of tetrahedrons”.

Honorary Diploma in the First National Competition of Upholstered Furniture Design, organized by Profitós S.A.

Fira de Barcelona (for stands made in the seventies).

European Popai (Paris) for Exhibitor Designs during the years 1973, 1974, 1975.


ARTBAHO, Barcelona September nd 2019.

Collective Exhibition Aragon 232 Gallery, Barcelona September nd 2018.

ARTEXPO Art Salon March, Barcelona-Hospitalet 2018.

Collective exhibition Art Nou Mil.lenni Gallery June 2018

Collective at ARAN in Barcelona, ​​from 7 to 27 February 2018 Individual at the Civic

Collective at CT Gallery in Reus, Cicle d’ivern 2017

Collective in Salo de Nadal, Desembre 2017

Spring Show / Spring Art Show Espai 120 in Hospitalet, Barcelona, ​​2017

Collective in Galeria Art Nou Mil·leni, Maig of 2017

Collective La Poètica de l’Abstracció, Reus, February 2017

Center Sarria, December 2017

Collective in Galeria Art Nou Mil·leni on 12-15-2016

Collective Santlluc 2016

Individual at the Nou Mil·lenni Gallery in Barcelona, ​​Dialegs Plastics. L’Home i La Geometria, from 05/21/15 to 06/21/15

Individual at Center Civic Sarria, November 2015

Table at the Academy ZHOU RUI WEN Hangzhou (China) 2015

Painting in the Museum of Modern Art of AKASHI (Japan) 2015

Painting at the Museum of Modern Art in Kobe (Japan) 2015

Painting in the Museum of the Americas 2014

Colectiva Galeria Art Center 2020, Miami (USA), from 06/21/14 to 07/21/14.

Work at the Museoum Of The Americas 2014

Colectiva Sala Eix del Raval, XV Winter Salon, Barcelona, ​​January 2014.

Collective Gallery BCM Artgallery, Barcelona, ​​December 2013.

Colectiva Center d’Art les Ecaldes d’Andorra October 2013.

Colectiva Crisol Art Galery, Michelangelo Tribute, Barcelona, ​​October 2013.

Collective “Emerging Artists Exhibition”, Col·legi Oficial de Metges de Barcelona, ​​September 2013

Collective Museum of Modern Art of Akashi (Japan), spring 2013.

Collective Gallery of the Edsvik Sollentune Museum, Stockholm, July 2012.

Collective Museum of & nbsp; Modern Art of Kobe (Hyogo Perfect Museum of Art-Kobe Japan), June 2012.

Collective gallery JADITE GALLERIES 413 W, New York, May 2012.

Collective gallery ART-NOU MIL·LENI,2012

Collective Gallery BCM Artgallery, Barcelona, July 2012.

Collective in the gallery L’Eix Comercial del Raval, Barcelona, spring show 2012.

VIII International Contemporary Art Fair “MARBART 2012”, Marbella, September 2012.

Collective in the Maxo gallery, Barcelona, December 2010-January 2011.

Collective “Passion for art”, EsArt Galeria, Barcelona, September-October 2011.

Collective “Acrylic on canvas and collage”, El Gegant de la Ciutat gallery, Barcelona, July-November 2010

Collective in Vallirana and El Prat del Llobregat, 2010